Sunday, January 23, 2011

Old Stories and New Inspiration

I submitted an entry in Glimmer Train's January Very Short Story contest. For $15 entrance fee, I uploaded a 3,000 word piece that I've had for a while.

So, the question is, will I take rejection like a man or will being rejected make me throw the idea of writing out the window, only to be picked up again when I venture outside? I don't know. I was praying the other day about whether or not my desire to write was something worth desiring, and realized that even if I was writing for a living, until I learn to become content, I'll never be happy anywhere, no matter what I'm doing.

I also asked that the desire be taken away if I'm not supposed to bother, or be reinforced if I'm supposed to pursue this dream. You see the length between posts? Time, time, time.

On the other hand, if I'm not rejected, if by some chance I win...will I take winning like a man, and look at it for what it is; Encouraging, but not self-defining. That is, one success does not mean I get to boast and get lazy and lose my mind. So too, neither does one failure.

Nothing for it but to wait. But not wait to write again.